When Life’s Not Rainbows and Butterflies 🦋

There are times in life when we are completely thrown off balance. We’re just walking along, living our lives and boom 💥 everything changes.

Of course it’s a sickness that will bring us to our knees. It’s a life threatening disease that will make us stop and pay attention.

We will ask ourselves why so many times, that eventually we won’t ask why anymore. We will just show up and do what we have to do.

The C word sucks let’s be honest.

And as much as it sucks to watch someone go through it, imagine how much harder it would be if it was actually you.

If someone you know gets cancer don’t act all weird around them. The best thing you could do for them is to act like you always do.

They have enough on their plate! What they really need is Kindness and compassion and empathy. They need grace and mercy and unconditional love.

They don’t need avoidance and cold stares. I get it you don’t know what to say, and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

But guess what?

It’s not about you💜

If you could get past your own fears you would know that this person is hurting way more then you.

They didn’t ask for this!

They didn’t want it!

And they sure as hell don’t deserve it!

I’m guessing unless you’ve watched someone you love go through this then it’s impossible to understand the journey.

There are somethings in life you can’t fathom until they happen to you . Like losing a parent or having a child. Until you experience those things, you won’t comprehend fully what it’s like.

And you know what, if your lucky enough to get away without the C word, then consider it a blessing.

But if your one of the people who have to fight it, I respect you like no other. I admire your abilities to push on despite the horrendous circumstances that life has dealt you.

I’ve been a little off lately and that’s because some people I love very, very, very much are in pain around me. I have been unable to write, worried that I might say the wrong thing. I’ve been frozen and unable to process, but today that all ends.

I have a voice and I will use it help others. I will not be shamed into silence and I will not be afraid to speak!

For it is those who speak even when their voice quivers that have the ability to change the world 💜


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