Confusion is not a sign of weakness

If you stop when your confused you will

Fail every single time.

You might think confusion is a sign of weakness but it really means that your taking action. Sitting around and thinking about it,

Isn’t going to get you anywhere. Wanting something isn’t simply enough, you have to make it happen.

Being confused means your trying something. Maybe it works out and maybe it doesn’t, but at least your trying! Theres

nothing worse then sitting idle and letting fear control you, by having you so afraid, you never do anything differently.

I would rather show up and fail trying then not show up at all. I would rather open my

Mouth and try to explain myself then sit there silently and be Paralyzed by what if’s.

I will never get it right all of the time, and I also won’t ever quit.

We can all learn a lesson on mastering our own confusion. We can learn to embrace it and know that if we’re in the middle of chaos, it’s a chance to learn about ourselves.

Learn to master yourself

Your life

Your happy

Your response

Your joy

Your feelings

Your thoughts

Your inner peace

And you wills never fail 💜

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