What’s the one thing in your life that makes you stop and practice Presence?

What makes your heart happy?

What makes you feel Presence?

What in your life has the ability to make you put everything else on hold?

For me it’s our grand baby 💜

I cannot even explain to you the amount of stillness I feel on the inside when she is around.

I’m guessing that God gives us these special babies to love because ours are growing up, or already grown.

I think he wants us to learn to be still again and reconnect to the very thing that makes us feel joy.

Love 💜



The reason for life

We just took her home and dropped her off. She helped us make breakfast and we gave her a bath yesterday. Along with a million others things that I won’t bore you with.

I said to my husband as we were sitting at the table with her, “I feel complete consciousness right now, a perfect Presence.”

If you’ve never experienced Presence it’s quite an amazing experience. At first you might not even be aware that your feeling it because your not used to it. But the more familiar you become with it, the more often and the longer it will occur.

I was telling a client of mine just the other day what it felt like when I was experiencing Presence. I told her there’s a vast quietness that occurs in my mind, there are no voices and there are no thoughts.

It’s like I’m completely immersed in the now. As I notice the feeling of peace entering my body, I can only describe my insides to you.

It’s as though there’s this beautiful space in my stomach, and it opens up and it’s able to become bigger. It’s like I’m expanding on the inside and it feels really warm and peaceful. It also seems to radiate grace and joy.

It as though I grow fuller of love. It’s as if I’ve just made room on the inside for more love. Its as though I’ve been kissed right on the forehead by God.

I’ve been experiencing a conscious awakening for a few years now, and every day I learn something new about myself.

I love the feeling of being awake, even if it came with a lot of pain at the beginning.

I love the space and the lightness that comes with presence and I’m thankful God gave me her so I could learn it all over again.

Your feelings will bring you back to you heart again if your willing to learn about yourself.

Be brave enough to stop avoiding life and to start really living it. 💜

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