2017 the year I learned how to accept myself and to show you more of my soul

In a world full of masks isn’t it refreshing to see a soul?

To be beautiful means to be yourself💜

You don’t need to be accepted by anyone else.

You simply need to learn to love you!

s year has been full of ups and downs.

Of good and bad

Of trials and tribulations 🙋‍♀️

If there’s one thing that was constant this year it was chaos.

It was lurking all around my life and it was also inside my heart.

But as you well know we don’t learn and grow when life is easy. I would hate to sum the year up with a simple adjective, because that wouldn’t really do it justice.

But I can say without a doubt it was a year for change, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the year. I’m not going to sit here and list all my ups and downs, because overall 2017 pretty much emotionally kicked my ass on every single level.

And in the midst of my messes, there was glorious spiritual growth. The sun always came out again no matter how dark it got.

This year was a year for healing some of the broken that threatens to steal our inner peace. For choosing grace and forgiveness instead of judgment and contempt.

For showing myself the same grace that I give to others.

This year was about choosing love every single day. It was about never quitting, even though you were certain that you couldn’t go on.

This year I’ve felt more pain then ever, and at the same time I’ve healed more emotional baggage then ever before.

This year was about taking the masks off, taking the rest of the walls down, and learning authenticity.

This year was about becoming closer to my true self.

This year was about loving and giving and being real.

It was about speaking the truth, even when my voice quivered and I was afraid.

It was about living my life according to my truths and not your idea of what my life should be.

It was about being honest and being real and not pretending.

This year I learned more consciousness

I learned more presence

More forgiving

More grace

More joy

More perseverance

More Determination

More Sacrifice

More Love

This year I learned that my heart is capable of so much more 💜

I thank you kindly for supporting all of my dreams 💜

Here's a video of me at work yesterday I wanted you to understand the real me



God Bless

Happy New Years

4 thoughts on “2017 the year I learned how to accept myself and to show you more of my soul

  1. I can not express enough how refreshing it is that our Father and the universe worked you into my life. I am at a cross roads not young nor old. Life changes happening, empty nesters with a twelve year and a seventeen year old still at home. I gave my entire life since the age of seventeen raising my children. I gave up everything outside of mothering. I don’t go out and I don’t mind that I am a home body enjoying my family good food gardening wine and laughter. To end my emotional blabber I am just thankful to be able to come on line and connect with other women with the same interests. Thank you I’ve very much enjoyed your blog and horse dance 🙂

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