It doesn’t matter what’s been written in your story so far, it’s how you fill up the rest of the pages that counts

As New Years is quickly approaching I sit

On my couch drinking my coffee, perplexed by all the things I want to write about.

I don’t know if any other bloggers feel that way, but sometimes, there are a million ideas running around my head, and other times there’s nothing. And when there’s a million, I know I need to go meditate so I can think clearly.

I’m thinking are there really only

2 days left in the year? I have a lot to talk about before the end of the year and only a little time to do it. So tomorrow I’m going to go with a recap of the year, and today I’m going to go with learning The Power Of Now, and Presence💜

Sometimes we get stuck in the past, and we walk around sad all the time. Our sadness then leads to depression and more making ourselves miserable because we don’t know how to get escape our pain bodies.

It literally starts to control us, because hurt is a very strong emotion. If you are anything like me, I thought it was absurd that they might suggest I was the one who was choosing pain, and that it wasn’t actually choosing me.

What do you mean I’m choosing it?

I am NOT choosing it!

WHY would I choose to hurt?

I don’t want to hurt

I don’t want to be in pain

I am not the chooser……………………


That’s what denial looks like Friends

That’s what repeating patterns look like Friends.

That’s what occurs when you haven’t learned a new way to program your brain and your emotional intelligence system needs an upgrade.

Don’t be ashamed of learning about yourself, because you’re the only person you can change. I’m not the same person today as I was yesterday and this is an amazing thing.

On the flip side of sadness is our other enemy anxiety! And if sadness is caused by to much past what do you think causes anxiety?

Your right guys, it’s to much future!

Anxiety comes from impossible scenarios we play out in our mind. We create situations that aren’t even true, and then we stress over them, as if this is the answer to our fears.

But doesn’t the Bible tell you to fear not?

Isn’t that a direct commandment from God?

Why do you think your in the future?

Your mind simply cannot understand that it’s out of control, until you realize that your lost in your own thoughts.

You cannot change what you do not recognize.

Your brain is an organ, like your eyes or your heart and it has a job. You are not your thoughts or your feelings. Your mind is a gift and a wonderful place when you use it to learn love, instead of learning avoidance.

So how exactly do we learn Presence?

How do we retrain ourselves for a more positive outcome?

What can we do to overcome ourselves?

First of all you need to find some people that you admire, and see what qualities they have that you want to incorporate into your life. Your going to need to find resources outside of yourself.

Reading is huge for learning, so are podcasts and Ted Talks, and motivational speeches. You must seek out what you desire and bring it into your life.

Next your going to need to change your intentions. Your words are powerful, and your going to have to start speaking positivity into your life.

You can think a negative thought all you want, but your not aloud to speak it! Your not aloud to let it leave your lips. If you let it go without talking about it, then it will have no power! 🧠

If you say I’ll never have any money, then you will always be broke.

If you say I’m ugly, then ugly you will be.

If you say I can’t do that, your exactly right you cannot do it.

If you say I am unworthy, that what you will be.

Don’t let your own words hold you hostage.

The last thing you need to do is be committed to the process. Understand that change is the only thing that will change you. Don’t become stuck in the past, or anxious of the future, because the present moment is all you really have.

The next time your overcome with emotions of fear, and anxiety of too much future, ask yourself out loud “What do I want right now?”

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