What’s in your marriage box?

Marriage is a beautiful gift from God 💜

It’s the most intimate relationship you will ever have with someone if your willing to let them see the real you.

How many of us got married and thought that our love would be enough to make it last?

I’m guessing quite a few judging by the divorce rates in United States.

I get that sometimes marriage is the easiest thing in the world and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

And I also understand that in the very next second you could feel like you want to knock your spouse out!

This is the reason that marriage was designed, so we could learn how to grow. I’ve been married for 16 years, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

It’s no coincidence that I met my husband. We’re both from Ohio but we met in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He actually moved in the apartment above mine and so began our journey of life together.

Complete opposites we were immediately drawn to each other. You see I believe God puts us with those who will help make us whole. He knows exactly what we need to become the people he intended us to be.

I’m sure lots of people thought Jon and I were crazy for getting married. I sure didn’t fit into the picture in his head, and he didn’t fit into my idea either.

But that’s what marriage is all about. It’s about letting the other person see all the different parts of your soul, even the scary ones that you don’t like.

It’s about learning how to work together, and overcome many lifetime adversities. It’s about growing our hearts and our minds in a way that God sees fit. It’s about never quitting, loyalty, teamwork, and love.

It’s not enabling, it’s not stagnant and it’s not meant to remain the same forever. Marriage is a journey of ups and downs.

Sometimes we only get to see the good parts and people often want to hide the struggle. But I will tell you that your not alone.

I will also tell you that if you don’t take time to fix your broken inside your marriage, then you will undoubtedly take that broken with you into your next relationship.

It might seem at first as though all of those negative feelings and confusing thoughts have left you. You might think to yourself, now I can really start living.

But the problem is that feelings and emotions are temporary. They come and they go. You will eventually be left with the same feelings you had before, and then you realize maybe it wasn’t all your spouses fault.

So my friends ask yourself how much time do you invest in your marriage?

How much of a priority is it to you?

Do you feel as though your growing?


Are you kind of stuck?

Please remember you are never alone 💜

I know society will have you believe that you should keep your business to yourself, but I don’t play by the rules of this world.

I play by the rules of my ❤️ heart and by the Grace of Gods love!

What the world needs more of is vulnerability!

Will you be vulnerable with me?

Here’s my family and I


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