I’m sorry for the things that I said when it was winter……..

Good freezing your face off and your ass at the same time morning! Holy shnikeys it’s absolutely freezing in theses parts this morning. (Shnikeys rhymes with Nikeys)

Don’t worry friends, its only negative 3 degrees outside with a windchill factor that will make you forget what your name is.

The good news is that by 11, the wind should die down, so then your face won’t actually fall off and your brain won’t continue to freeze.

My daughter has always loved the snow! This is many years ago with her daddy and her cousins.

I’m super glad we don’t have all that snow right now, that’s like the silver lining!


Who’s daughter is she anyways?

She clearly got the love of snow from her daddy because this girl ain’t messing around with you in the snow!

I’m totally the Mom taking pictures from inside the house, out the window!

This morning when I woke up and walked outside I was like whoa! So I thought to myself, how can you make the best of this? What can you do to ease the pain of the winter on your soul?

And then it suddenly came to me, go find some funny winter stuff to share. Write your blog and embrace your truths! You already know I hate winter so trying to deny my feelings would be a really bad thing for me to do.

And that my friends is how you turn your dislikes into something you can laugh at. There’s no escaping winter in Ohio, and if I’m being honest I won’t always spend winter in Ohio!

Clearly We live here because our families are here, but if they weren’t here, my ass would be at the beach! For sure!

But until I’m older and I can escape, your going to receive my humor on winter in Ohio, because that’s how I will survive the freeze!

Winter months can lead to depression and sadness, so make sure you take extra time to feed your happy!

Meditation, yoga, and exercise are all ways to release happy endorphins and get back in touch with your spirit!



God bless

Thank you for Stopping in 🧚‍♀️ winter Friends

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