Good old fashioned Christmas Fun πŸŒ²

Don’t you just love some Christmas Spirit?

We do!!!!!

Today at school (my husband teaches 7th grade my daughter is in 7th grade) they got to dress up like their favorite Christmas Movie Character.

Clearly my daughter is sending you the message that the shitter’s full! Ha ha! Cousin Eddie in the girl version. Her boots are her dads and they absolutely crack me up. My husband has a mustache he’s going to put on at work, and then he’s going to be the conductor for the Polar Express.

I loved this morning and the fun that it brought with it. The laughter we shared in the kitchen filled my heart all day.

Christmas means a little extra fun, and excitement. There’s an energy floating around and it’s magical. If you can learn to find joy in the little things, like your family going to school in their Christmas get ups, life becomes so much more rewarding.

With so many choice available to you Why not choose more kindness?

More Magic

More Gratitude

More Love

More Presence

More Family

And I will be to her a wall of fire all around declares the lord and I will be the glory in her midst. Zechariah 2:5

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