Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing

Having an open mind is crucial when you want to invite change into your life.

You cannot change a thing unless your willing to examine

yourself, because everything begins and ends with you.

Wherever you are right now in your life its because of the choices you’ve made. I know it’s scary to think about blaming yourself for where you are, but it’s even scarier to think you might be in the exact same spot next year as you are right now.

I didn’t always like change, I actually use to hate it. But now I have learned how to love it, by embracing it daily. I’ve learned how to rewire by subconscious and over come my own fears.

We are all different and yet exactly the same. We all have a comfort zone and an auto pilot button. The first thing you want to ask yourself is where do you live?

Do you live in a place where you play it safe and never do anything new?

Have you trained your life to be nothing but comfortable?

If you live on auto pilot and your perfectly content staying there forever, then this article isn’t for you.

But if you have the slightest inkling that your not living to your fullest potential than keep on reading.

If you have a little a little spark of hope than that’s all that you need to get you going.

The hope is a dream waiting on you to make it come true. Where you find hope, you will find change.

I had a dream inside my heart and I decided to follow the dream, instead of ignore it. I could have continued to play it safe with my life, never really experiencing new personal achievements. I could have made a million excuses as to why it’s not for me, and how it will never work.

I could just give up on myself today and think that I’m not really making a difference in the world and maybe I should just stop writing.

But you want to know the truth?

I don’t really believe those things anymore. I’ve learned a whole new set of beliefs that align with who I am spiritually.

I’ve learned how to be dedicated to myself, and it’s not selfish 💜

I am a better wifey, mother, and friend because I’ve learned that I can’t pour from an empty cup.

I have the ability to give others the strength and the guidance that they need to learn self love, and I believe I’m exactly where I should be.

Don’t wait for New Years Eve to make a resolution that you know your not going to stick with.

Today decide that your going to change, and nothing is going to get in your way.

Find a friend, a coach, a mentor or anyone who will hold you accountable, when you don’t feel like following through. But most of all make a choice to be the change you want in your life and stop being afraid!

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