May there be peace in your world and love in your heart

Good Monday morning Friends πŸŽ„

Christmas is so close that I can feel the love flowing through my body.

I was at my moms picking up cookies yesterday and I took a picture of her wall and wanted to share it with you, because I knew you would love it as much as I do.

I think it pretty much sums up what our lives should be full of.

Sunshine during the day and bright stars at night.

Peace in your world and love in your heart.

Faith to calm your fears and courage to face them.

May you always have joy to share and happiness to fill your soul.

When I read that yesterday it touched my heart and my soul. It made me stop in my tracks and take a picture to share with you. It’s something we all should strive for on a daily basis.

I know that Christmas can be an emotional time for many, and thats because we are experiencing true love and grace in its finest form.

I understand that life is hard sometimes and we don’t always get what we think we deserve.

But I do know this, you were given the life you were given because your strong enough to live it. You are exactly where you should be, even if you feel as though your not.

Not one of your life choices actually defines you as a person. But what does define you is the grace in your heart. The kindness in your smile, and your willingness to learn and love again.

This Christmas Season I ask you to learn to love yourself. I want you to become the person you were meant to be all along. The person who learns to let go and to forgive. The person who opens their heart and finds a way to move forward. I want you to see yourself through someone else’s eyes and I want you to learn grace with yourself.

You are not alone πŸŽ„

Happy Monday Friends

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