This isn’t a blog to shame your family……

I’ve spent my entire life running from myself💜

Until the last few years when I decided I was ready to look my self in the eye.

I know it’s easy to spend lots of our lives blaming everything on everyone else, but it’s not going to make you grow.

It’s actually going to keep you stuck, so your never really able to understand yourself. If there’s any advice I can give you it would be to learn how to undo what’s been done to you.

I say undo because as a child you didn’t have many choices. You don’t get to decide who your parents are, wether they will stick around or not. You don’t get to decide if your rich or poor, and you don’t get to decide so many other things.

This is the one thing we all have in common, we were all kids once. We were all at the mercy of someone else for many years. This isn’t a blog to shame your family. It’s a blog to help you get real with you.

It’s a story to help you understand that we all have the same things to overcome. They aren’t all exactly the same and that’s ok 💜

My point is simply underneath it all we are more alike then we care to admit.

We’ve all been broken by something or someone and now we all have the opportunity to save ourselves with self love.

I’ve overcome many adversities in my life and now I understand why. I’m here to help heal the world by living my truth and being transparent with you.

I’m here to share my heart so that you might have hope and understanding that you too can learn self love💜

I hope that you understand that your never alone 🧚‍♀️

There’s always hope and a new way to learn how to do things

Have a blessed Sunday friends

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