#selfworth, read here for further instructions

Good Friday Morning Friends💜

It’s absolutely freezing balls here in Ohio! Like teens are the temperature and your face will go numb as soon as you walk outside.

I live in Ohio, but I hate ❄️ winter!


Please bear with me as I will randomly complain about the cold the entire season, all in an effort to #letitout 🧚‍♀️

Now that I’ve dealt with those feelings we can move along to today’s topic, which is self worth.

I had to relearn some things in order to become valuable to myself in a healthy way. I had to heal some things I was in denial about, and I also had to get real with me.

You see I used to make most of my decisions from a place of ego, or brokenness. Not because I was making a conscious choice, but exactly the opposite. I did it because I was completely unconscious and asleep. I was on auto pilot and I wasn’t growing at all.

I don’t beat myself up for being asleep, guilt is a wasted energy. We guilt ourselves because we don’t know any better. Guilt is just a habit like anything else, and we can break any habits that we become aware of.

That’s all part of the conscious journey you know! Learning that you have a choice when it comes to your feelings and your emotions.

Understanding that I am truly responsible for me, and that I have the ability to help others understand themselves, is truly one of the most amazing gift that I have.

But I had to begin the process of healing my own heart before I could help another heart heal. It is through my own growing process that I can be here writing to you. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today! 💜

It’s exactly like the candle saying, we don’t lose a thing by helping others shine. ☀️

Freeing up all that negative space makes way for a new kind of energy in your life. A conscious choice to invite love into your heart and to help others love and share the light with you.

I hope you have an amazing weekend

Peace and Namaste Friends 💁

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