Showing up for yourself, is the first step in self love

Learning that your responsible for loving yourself isn’t the easiest lesson to learn. I mean come on who really wants to admit that they are responsible for their feelings?

Not this girl right here! 💁

At least not for a really long time.

I preferred to blame other people for the things I didn’t like on the inside. Or maybe I didn’t actually prefer to

Blame them, I just didn’t know another way to deal with the things that made me feel uncomfortable.

You don’t know what ya don’t know!

When you know better you do better!

I’ve learned over the last few years the importance of consistency, and desire. I’ve also learned that if you don’t deal with your stuff, than your stuff will deal with you.

I’ve learned how to reconnect with my spirit and my heart. I had to create a space for myself to learn how to grow on the inside, so that I could empower others to do the same.

I’m here to help you learn how to love yourself. How to stop giving your power away so easily, by learning to become centred in yourself again.


maybe you’ve never been centered, and that’s OK too. You can learn a new way to think about yourself, but you can’t do it alone. You have to seek outside sources and guidance to grow.

You have to be willing to make small changes that you will do weekly no matter what. Not when you feel like it, or not when it’s convenient, but every single week no matter what else happens in your life.

Showing up for yourself is the first step in self love and I hope I’ve inspired you to love you💜

Here are a few things that I do weekly to stay connected and conscious.

Read, watch videos, listen to pod casts, check out blogs, listen to music, write, meditate, exercise, or do some 🧘‍♀️ yoga

All free ways to change your life and change your mind💜

You should learn that the key to your happy is always inside you.

You are responsible for you 💜

Thank you for checking out my blog 🧚‍♀️

I hope you have a great night ✌️

3 thoughts on “Showing up for yourself, is the first step in self love

  1. Wise words. It is all true when we show up for ourselves we are practicing self-love as simple as it sounds is a big deal in moving forward. Thank you for sharing. 😊


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