The first time someone recognized me as Tay Tay I just stood there with my mouth wide open……..duh

Happy Monday Internet πŸ’œ friends and family!

How are you?

I’ve got lots of exciting stuff to share with you. I debated wether to write this blog or not, but a dear friend of mine encouraged me to share it, and she gave me many other amazing ideas.

I will always be thankful for her πŸ’œ

I feel like there’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness.

Tooting your own horn and celebrating your wins.

But I also know that hard work and passion pay off, and you have to know when to celebrate your wins.

I’ve been writing a blog now for 2 years now, while growing an anti-aging business from home. One opportunity led to another opportunity and I just decided to go for it.

My daughters obsessed with you tubers and other self made internet sensations so I asked myself why NOT me? What do I have to lose? I can make extra money without working extra hours at the salon and I can focus on something new.

So I did it and now fast forward 2 years. I’m far from having millions of followers or connections, and I don’t claim to be some superstar.

But I am going to document my journey because I’ve learned from some of the best around.

Maybe your a blogger who’s brand new, and your not sure what your doing! Its ok it doesn’t matter, just start writing.

Maybe you want to dream again, but your afraid, so I’m here to share my story and encourage you to go for it.

In the beginning people aren’t going to like your stuff or even comment on it, but they are paying attention. They are watching you every single day just waiting on your next move.

Some people are waiting on you to fail. Some people are waiting on you to quit. Some people are secretly cheering you on. Some people won’t buy from you because they don’t want to help you succeed. Some people will buy from you just because they love you. And lots of Times the people that you just knew were going to support you don’t even share your posts.

And this begins the growing process! You don’t need to have it figured out you just need to go, and take action.

You might think your hustling away and nobody cares and the whole world is against you, and then the universe shows up with some very important messages to let you know your on the right path.

Last week I had 3 different messages from 3 different random people. I don’t know these people personally I’ve only met them through Social Media. They each brought a unique, but amazing gift into my life.

One was at the end of a phone call and she said “Have a great day Tay Tay” πŸ’œ ok that’s weird but cool, and it made me smile on the inside. And I could feel her smile through the phone as well.

Then I received a message about my writing from another friend I have met on social media. This too made me happy, because my hard work was being seen by others, and he wants to talk to me about what I can do to help his company with a blog! (Pretty freaking cool)

And then yesterday, while out shopping with my husband in Columbus, a man says to me in the sporting store “Aren’t you Tay Tay?”

Enter my shocked confusion and awkwardness, and I’m very rarely awkward. I felt about 25 emotions at once. I was confused, happy, excited, thinking who is this? And then thinking holy shit I look a hot mess right now. Then thinking I hope his wife doesn’t feel weird, and also about 35 more random thoughts. I could write a whole blog on what else went through my head but that’s not important.

I managed to say hi, and I think I said sorry if I’m acting weird I’m not used to this yet and your not the first person this week to say hi to me. Then I rambled on about the phone call from the lady.

Oh my gosh dear nice guy and his wife at Dick’s, if I ever meet you again I hope to do it better. As a matter of fact if you guys read this, send me a message and I’ll send you a condolence gift in the mail!

I told my friend like, I need a better response I was like duh………

Hi I love to inspire people until I meet you in person and then I mumble profusely while having a confused look on my face.

But this is how I know I’m growing, because I did feel awkward! Yes I know I can do a live video 100 times and not be awakes, but I’m used to live videos now. But why I’m not used is meeting strangers in public who know Tay TayπŸ’œ

But seriously bloggers, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers don’t ever stop. Don’t give up, don’t quit! Don’t hold yourself back, your capable of so much more, but you have to try.

People might not support you now, and you might think no ones watching, but I’m here to tell you that you’ve got this and to keep going! It might be a lonely road for a while, but it won’t always be that way.

I also want to promise you that the next time I meet someone I’m going to be much nicer and prepared instead of dazed and confused πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I also want you to know that if you ever doubt yourself you human and it’s ok, just don’t ever let your fears be bigger than your faith πŸ’œ

7 thoughts on “The first time someone recognized me as Tay Tay I just stood there with my mouth wide open……..duh

  1. Very nice blog
    You’re very talented writing, inspiring, relating … social intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence … continue to share your insights & you!


  2. Yay congrats, that’s amazing thanks for sharing. I just started blogging and it does feel a little weird trying to get followers, comments and likes. But it does take time and you do have secret fans just patiently waiting for more content from you! Keep going!


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