Today God whispered in my ear, and this is what he said

Ever have a moment with God?

I do 💜 sometimes and

This afternoon while I was in the shower shaving my legs Iistening to music, I was also praying.

You know how our minds are!?

Don’t you!?

One minute I’m praying and the next second My minds racing somewhere else.

this instance after my mind wondered away, a song came on the radio, and I knew instantly that he was talking to me.

I started to sing along, and as I was singing I could feel the most beautiful presence and love enter my body. My mind stopped working all together and I was completely in my heart.

I don’t know if you can think and feel at the sametime!?

But I do know that

Whenever I feel the Holy Spirit, it always comes with tears.

Happy tears

Sad tears

All sorts of feeling and love tears

But never without tears

I don’t know if this is because I’m an empath, or if everyone else also experiences these same feelings. I just know without a doubt I’m having a moment with the man upstairs.

When that song started I knew without a doubt that he was speaking directly to my heart. My heart was overflowing with emotions and during certain parts of it I sang bold and beautiful. And then during other parts of the song, I sang it with a quiver in my voice and tears streaming down my face.

Which was actually quite beautiful because I was already in the middle of a hot shower, which made it a hot mess!

I want you to know that if your willing to take the time to listen, God has a message for you.

He needs you to be still though, and he also needs you to be open.

By now I’m sure your all wondering what song it was, and I’m going to post that for you in the comment section. Some people will say there is no way God sent me a message through that music, because it’s not holy music.

And I’m here to tell you that my God sends messages in many different ways.

He sends them to common folks, to sinners and to saints.

I debated about whether I wanted to share this or not, and then he nudged me along and said “girl why do you think I gave you the experience?”

I hope you make time to connect with your heart so God can lay his message on it 🙏

My message

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