To be completely honest, I didn’t even know we had a robotics team……Happy December start something new

This morning I had to wake my daughter up at 5:15 to head to school. She was actually very excited about this adventure early in the morning, which is probably not normal for most 7th graders.

She’s on the robotics team, (I still do not fully understand this robotics stuff, and I’m guessing I never will, and I’m ok with that) and they are having their very first competition today.

They are traveling to Columbus to Nationwide Arena and competing with other schools around the area. She tells me there will be several rounds????? I take this to mean several chances to succeed!

Yes I’m that mom always taking the pictures, because I want to capture the special moments. She’s not always this excited, about missing school all day!

But she said to me several times “I’m know I’m going to be THAT kid on the back of the bus like woo hoo let’s do this!” And she was all jumping around and hyper, and I loved every minute of it.

Whatever excites her, I fully support. I believe that we must teach balance to our children. Too much of one thing is never good, but a little bit of everything makes you centered.

I had a very precious moment with her this morning while being fully conscious and present. I was able to capture some of her excitement and love.

I’m excited to start off December doing something new and different. Supporting my daughters latest adventure, and learning about life through her eyes.

Clearly in my mind I would never have a kid on the robotics team. But I do, and I love her.

I can’t wait to hear how they did and what her first experience was like. It doesn’t matter if you understand what your kids are into. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly. What truly matters is that your available to meet them in their space.

This is their life, it’s not yours. We as parents must learn to nurture the dreams of our kids, and squelch our own hidden fears and desires for their futures.

Our kids are normally in the right now, they are not worried about tomorrow or last week.

They are in the present moment, are you?

If you take the time to learn from your kids, you will also learn a lot about yourself🎄

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to connect with you soon

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