Do you seriously know the difference between like and love? If not your about to learn 💁

There’s a huge difference between like and love, as Buddha pointed out below. We should learn to think about our relationships and our lives like we think about the flower.

I’m speaking of those with the people you love the most, the ones who know you better than anyone else. I’m also speaking of your relationship with yourself and with you life. These relationships are where we learn the most about our spiritual selves.

These authentic relationships are gifts

From God, given to us to help us grow on the inside. Every single day we either grow closer to faith, or closer to fear.

If your willing to learn, you can tap into the grace in your heart. But first you have to figure out what you truly love, and then you have to have the courage change it.

I found the story of the flower quite interesting, and I related to it on many different levels.

My perspective on the flower goes a little something like this💁

You can really like the flower and think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. You can see it’s pretty colors, and smell it’s beautiful scent, and still proceed to pluck it right out of the ground.

Not because your heartless and you want to kill the flower, just because flowers aren’t your thing. You just like the flower, you don’t necessarily love it.

But………when you love a flower, more than you like it, you will begin to water it and take care of it. You will want to help it thrive and flourish, so you can enjoy it’s beauty as long as possible.

Do you like your life?


Do you love it?

When you understand the difference, you will understand life💜

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