Grace Is Faiths Big Sister

I read this morning and instantly fell in love. We often think of having Grace with others, but today I want to talk to you about having Grace with yourself.

At the beginnings of our lives we were a clean slate. We came into this world fresh and new. But as with all lives, once we were born, the writings began.

There are certain things that are good and amazing that we carry around with us.


Memory of them might even bring a smile to our face. There are smells from our childhood that can takes us back to that very moment.

There are songs that we hear from high school that we still know every word to!

There are certain feelings associated with the Holidays that one can’t really explain, but only feel.

Grace is something I’ve had for others my entire life, but I’ve only recently learned to have it with myself. I didn’t know that I should talk kind to myself too.

I’ve spent my entire life pretty much beating myself up, and not understanding that grace was needed for my ❤️ heart!

The dictionary says the following about


1. Unmerited Divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification.

2. A virtue coming from God.

3. A stage of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance.

Just for fun here’s what the Urban Dictionary says about Grace.

It says Grace is so wonderful it is hard to have the words to describe her. She is to be truly beautiful reflecting an unparallel sense of eternity.

Amazing Grace

When I read those definitions I already know the feelings that come with Grace. I use them

With others all of the time. But like I said before I’m just now learning how to apply Grace to myself.

There are certain things in life we can’t do without Grace, and I think that’s exactly why God gave it to us. I’ve been fighting a battle, and when I decided to let go and give it to God, he showed me grace.

He showed me the peace that surpasses all understanding. He said this is your path child

Now take it. Pay attention to your heart because everything you do flows from it.

You are worthy of amazing things and they are on their way.

But first you must hold tight to what you know is good about yourself. You must stand up and be strong, even when your weak. You must pay attention to the signs I’m giving you, and you must learn to breath again.

You are worthy of Grace

You deserve it

And I will bless you with it

If your willing to use it on yourself💜

You then my child be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus – 1 Timothy 2:1

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