God sends angels in the form of real live humans

Sometimes God sends people to deliver his messages! I received 2 amazing blessing last week, exactly when I needed them!

Firstly thank you to Stephanie Ayers McClain for this amazing journal based around writing and God💜 I can’t think of a better gift!

You know I love to write and you know I love me some God so I wanted to say thank you 💜and I love you and appreciate our friendship💁

That very same day I had another lady I’ve know for years walk up to me at the beauty salon. She’s very funny and makes jokes all the time, all the while keeping a straight face, so your not sure if she’s serious or if she’s kidding! 🤔

She said she works with a kid who always has a smile on his face. He says good morning to her everyday and that he’s always in a good mood! 💜 She went on to say that there needed to be about 20 more of him working there, and that he was doing good in the 🌎 world!

In true Jody fashion she threw in there that it couldn’t be his mom that he got it from! But she would be willing to give credit to my Grandpa Charlie and my Grandma Nance💜

My heart immediately became full of love! 💜

That’s the power of God

Tevin Robinson you are a blessing to many and I love you! Keep on keeping on Kid💜

To my

Real live angels you will never under how impeccable your timing was and how perfect that moment was 💜

I’m blessed by you both 💜

P.S. it’s no coincidence that my love language is gifts and words of affirmations 💜

Look for your blessings or you might miss them

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