Real Change comes from the Freakin Heart 💜

Real Change comes from your heart every time.

Our minds will trick us into believing things that aren’t true.

Do you know why?

Because our brains are made to avoid pain at all cost.

Your mind doesn’t know if it’s being attacked by a bear, or attacked by a friend. It can’t tell the difference between a truth and lie. It doesn’t know if your about to be murdered, or if something minor scared you.

When you get scared your brain releases adrenaline into your body, and so begins the process of fear. Your body has no choice but to respond to the chemicals being released.

However, you can realize what’s happening and quiet the fears at that moment. You can say to yourself, what do I want right now?

By doing that it brings you back to the present moment. It takes you out of your mind, out of your pain, and out of your fear. It works try it the next time💁

I find my mind running away from me and literally say “Stop!” And then I smile a little.

Next I say out loud again “What do you want right now?” This usually makes me smile again, and then I might answer “right now I want to turn on my music and enjoy a hot shower.”

And boom all that fear is gone for a moment.

It’s clearly going to creep back in, but if your in your heart💜 it won’t stand a chance.

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