How My Online Business Taught Me To Dream Again

I didn’t have clue how much I was going to learn about myself When I started my new adventure. It’s so different for everyone who does it.

Each person has their own personal dream and journey that lies in front of them. No two stories are exactly the same, and there is no wrong or right.

Often times we think that failure comes from losing, but what we don’t understand, is that the lesson is in the journey.

Without failure there is no lesson. We have to fail in order to succeed. And seriously doing nothing and playing it safe is not going to make you grow.

I have not only learned how to take a

Chance on myself, but Ive also learned how to mentor other people and help them achieve their goals. I get so excited when someone new decides to believe in themselves.

It’s like there’s this little seed that’s planted. It’s the seed of hope. And, despite its ability to believe in itself, it still flourishes. It takes the right care and the proper tools to help it grow strong and mighty. But once it’s planted there’s no stopping it.

I have the seed of hope, and I plant it daily. I give to others and help them become more than they could possibly imagine.

This is only the beginning💜

I’ve learned how to inspire and to lead

I’ve learned about teamwork and goals

I’ve learned how to get out of my comfort zone

I’ve learned I can do anything if only I’m willing to try 💜

Would you like to try with me?!

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