Happy World Kindness Day

I’m not sure who thought up this day, but they are amazing! πŸ’œ

The world needs more kindness and less judgment! I was so excited when I read that today was all about being kind!

How genius this is πŸ’œ

It’s free πŸ’œ

It makes you and other people feel goodπŸ’œ

It’s returned to youπŸ’œ

It helps make you conscious πŸ’œ

It teaches us about gratitude πŸ’œ

It’s a universal language πŸ’œ

It’s a giftπŸ’œ

I hope that you take time

Today to put some kindness into the world πŸ’œ

3 thoughts on “Happy World Kindness Day

  1. I too was curious about who thought up World Kindness Day. Wouldn’t you know it, a conglomeration of kindness organizations thought it up. It’s supposed to be a fun holiday. You can do the smallest, but the most fun things to show kindness to others. Showing kindness breeds happiness all around, and happy people are typically the kindest people. It appears that what goes around comes around, with kindness being something that can actually circle the globe in the most wonderfully fun ways. Cool beans!!!!


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