Be Daring, Be Different, Be Impractical ⭐️

I’ve always been different, and I love this about myself. I am unique and I am one of a kind. I love to sing out loud, and no I don’t do it well, but I do it with passion. Music makes me feel alive⭐️.

I am very upbeat and sarcastic and silly. I don’t have a shy bone in my body. I love people and I love to talk. I love that I don’t fit into the category of normal. I love my sense of humor, and my inappropriate comments💕

I love the part of myself where I get to be authentic. Where everything aligns and its feels like home. I love that I have the ability to grow. I love that I’m brave and that I’m not afraid to fail. I love that I can heal the broken parts of myself, by loving myself and learning new things.

I love my life⭐️I love my family⭐️I love my friends⭐️I love my job⭐️I love my house ⭐️I love my writing ⭐️I love myself⭐️I love my heart⭐️I love my ability to give⭐️I love my nerium business⭐️I love Tay Tay⭐️

Positive affirmations make you better⭐️

Write down somethings that you love about yourself⭐️

Read them daily⭐️Good things will start to happen ⭐️

Have a wonderful Monday⭐️

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