Sometimes doing the grown up thing sucks💜 

Hi friends✌️

See that beautiful baby girl up there? That’s my first, my one and only, my perfect little grand daughter. I love her so much I can’t even explain it to you. 

I often wonder how I’ve lived without her all of these years. She’s funny, kind, loving, smart, and rotten as all hell. 

She’s perfect, is what she is. As I sit here and write this I wonder how I’m the GiGi already!? Not because I think I’m old, I don’t care about that. More like, I used to be the kid, and then I had the kids, and now our kids have the kids.

Do you know what I mean? The generational thing. 💜

My little Taty Bug had to have surgery today. Her momma and her came over here this morning and we drove to Columbus to Children’s. She had to have some extensive dental work down and she had be put under anaesthesia. 

I’ve never been put under!? Have you?

This is one of those things in life that you have to do, but you dont necessarily enjoy doing. As a matter of fact, let’s just be honest it freaking sucks. 

But then I look on the bright side of things, and I realize that we’re actually very lucky. We’re only there for a few hours, and  there are some kids  in there that never get to go home. 

Tatum was a #Boss today! She was so brave! This room was chill. The waiting room was small and cray cray! The surgery room was a lot and scary. 

But she never once gave a sign that she was  afraid.  She sat on the table and they gave her some anaesthesia from a mask. She was so content, even though there were lots of strangers and weird machines everywhere. 

Tessa and I went down to the lobby and chilled, or 😟 worried ha ha! The doctors couldn’t have been more nice. It’s acts like these of human kindness where I’m able to feel the grace of Gods love.

While we didn’t particularly enjoy this day, we made the best of it💜

#moms #gamefaces #strong #united

She is the toughest little girl I know. She makes our family love harder and she’s a blessing to anyone she encounters.

 She’s at home now, about to take a nap. She is doing well, and making the most of those popsicles. Waking up and not knowing where she was, or who these people were was the hardest part. 

But like I said before she’s a #bossbaby 

Sometimes in life the hard things are the right things.

Thanks for listening💜

2 thoughts on “Sometimes doing the grown up thing sucks💜 

  1. What a cutie she is!! My son had open heart surgery so I totally understand that waiting room, the surgery room and all the waiting! I am so happy she’s doing good! Praying for a quick and easy recovery! 🙂


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