How I Do November Differently 

Hi guys Happy November! 

It’s a new month and that excites me!!! Why??? You might ask?!?!?

Because a new month means new beginnings. 

New means new, I don’t care how you look at it. Don’t think to yourself this is just another month, because that’s literally all it will be. 

Instead say to yourself, I’m gonna make this month my bitch. November will be a month to remember. I’m excited about my plans for this month, and I’m clear about where I want to grow. 

My goals are in place and written down. I know where I need to focus my energy, and I’m ready for the challenge.

Writing them down and seeing them daily are all a part of re wiring  your subconscious.  If you see them, and you read them, then you will be focused on them. 

If your unsure of what you want for the month, then your month will be just another average month with nothing at all to be excited about.

If your not excited before reading this, then I hope this blog helps get you excited. Learn to be pro active with your time. Life isn’t just going to walk into your house and say “hey you, get up and go!”  That has to come from the inside.

You have to invite the change into your life! You have to invite it in and you have to be open to receiving it.

You can create a new space for personal development and spiritual growth, if you make it a priority. 

It doesn’t make you selfish to take care of yourself, it’s actually makes you happier. 

November is what ever you make it! But the truth is, you decide what energy you attract, and you also decide what energy you put out.

Im going to leave you with this question?

What can you do differently in November to make you grow?

Hint: it needs to make you feel uncomfortable in order to grow💜

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