Scary tales and inappropriate shenanigans of Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween from my kitchen to yours. This is my daughter and I this morning, can you tell how thrilled she is to share Halloween with me. 🎃 BOO!

I’m going to take you on a haunted adventure, featuring Ace Ventura and Pickachu along with many other fabulous characters. 

Mine craft anyone? While this idea is cute and warm, it unfortunately came with a few safety concerns. Mainly being the fact that you can’t see and you are somewhat blind. Peripheral vision was not happening here. I’m pretty sure we were carrying that head around by the end of the night. 

But what a good story it makes today. We should have used the head to put the candy in!

Perhaps you prefer your Halloween a little more on the gory side! This night was a fun night but, only because it had an unexpected twist. My friends invited me to a party, so we all went over to her house to get ready. I hadn’t been to a Halloween party in years so I was ready to get down and have some fun. 

You should know that in my mind we were about to go get crazy and cut some rug. We rolled up in there 10 people deep with a laundry basket full of liquor. That’s right Mom style with laundry basket! My friends are genius.

The party was located in a barn at one of our other friends houses. I’ve never been to their house, it was my first time. 

And, of course we had to fashionably late so we could make a “killer” entrance. And I would say we did just that. 

We were loud and obnoxious and hysterical. We came around the corner to where the barn opened, and then we all stood there frozen, unable to move. While I thought everyone would be dancing and drinking, in all reality they were all sitting down eating dinner at tables. 

And they were quiet and they were chill, and were quite the opposite! We were ready to make a ruckus.

I said to my friends “I am so glad that I’m wearing a mask right now and nobody knows who I am!!!” Insert hilarious laughs and shocks, not only from ourselves but from them as well. 

The night ended up being full of laughs and lots of fun. There’s a movie we tried to film floating around out there somewhere. I actually laughed so hard while filming it I had to go home because I for real peed my pants.

It sure is fun to think about all of those memories. That story wouldn’t be any fun unless it happened exactly the way that it did.  Those laughs live inside my heart now, as do many other Halloween memories.

Look at my little supergirl! How freaking adorable is she? 

Halloween is so, so, so much fun. It makes my heart happy to write this Blog and to share these memories with you. I love reliving these nights all over again.

From cuddling in the back of the van, because it’s raining and freezing balls, to eating too much candy and sweets, Halloween is always an adventure.

Because I love Halloween soooooo much I went and found our very first scary movie ever made. Hopefully this loads and you can understand why I peed my pants that night! 

I think we should try to give our filmmaking a

Ha ha ha 

Enjoy your Halloween friends

Take the pictures 

Hang out with your friends 

Laugh hard 

Beware of the photo bombers on 🎃 

I’m going to leave you with a Halloween joke 

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