Find the voice that doesn’t use words and listen 

Do you know what it’s like to listen to the voice without the words?
It’s like Gods peace that surpasses all others💜

It’s a stillness, a calmness that happens on the inside💜

It’s presence and connection to your heart💜

It comes through you 💜

It’s grace and kindness all in one💜

It’s becoming the light 💜

It’s stillness in the midst of chaos💜

It’s love in the middle of fear 💜

It’s being vulnerable with yourself 💜
It’s the true meaning of life 💜

Find your quiet and listen to it 💜

4 thoughts on “Find the voice that doesn’t use words and listen 

  1. I love love love this, and the image you chose that speaks quietly and calmly to it. I’m not much for chaos, so I’m mindful of the environment I’m creating. I tend to be a talker, but I don’t like to argue, fuss, and fight. Boo to that! I have learned over the years that yes, we all have our own perspective. I don’t have to agree, but I don’t have to get all huffy when yours doesn’t agree with mine.

    I’ve also found that if I simply listen, I get something from it. It might even be something I can use, like; another option for living my highest and best life. I’m for that big time. And best of all, we both have left our options open for another interaction/connection at a later date. Alrighty then!!!


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