Learn to Overcome Resistance 

If you need to work on having more courage, just do it. You can’t just think about having more courage, or hope that you will find the courage. 
It’s something that’s already inside of us, but we’re not sure exactly how to get it to work. We may have used it a few times in our lives, but we’re not sure how to summon it up more often. 
We know it’s there, but how do we use it? 
For me it was learning how to believe in myself again. Right now at this very moment, I can honestly say that I am more peaceful on the inside than I’ve ever been in my entire life.
What I can’t tell you is that it was easy. I had to make a commitment to myself to get out of my comfort zone. I had to be willing to look inside myself for the answers that have been locked away for such a long time. 
I had to literally learn how to get past myself. Past my own brain that was full of irrational fears. I had to bypass my own internal compass. 
Now I’m on a mission to help others just like me, start living the life they deserve. I know it’s hard to believe that you are the answer to every single problem in your life, but you are! 
The odds of you even being born are absurd! 

You only have this one life and the person who’s holding you back is the same person that will set you free. 
When you ready to be the change you so desire, message me and I will be your biggest fan. 
Love yourself more 💜

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