Sunshine Blogger Award 💕


I woke up this morning to an amazing nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. 

This award recognizes bloggers for their positive, and inspiring posts that they create through their  blogs.  I have never been more excited!  What  an honor to have someone love my blogs and learn from them. This little bit of joy will keep me writing for years to come, not to mention the healing it does for my soul.

I would like to thank My Vantage Point for nominating me. She writes about women and what they go through. She’s funny and smart and I love that she talks about everything including vagina’s!  Those are my kind of people, the ones who aren’t afraid to share.  You have given me my very first experience with my fellow blogging friends and I will never forget it!

Bloggers are  amazing souls on a journey to change the world by sharing their stories! 💕

My Vantage Point’s Questions

1.  What is the most challenging aspect of blogging for you? 

I would say it’s worrying about what others think. Not in a way where I care about their opinion, but in a way that they might have something to do with why I’m writing. I live in a small town, and people tend to make things about them. I come from a family that doesn’t share their feelings and haven’t learned how to look inside themselves yet. This proves to be my biggest challenge yet. Sharing my stories, that are mine to tell, yet still feeling that scared little girl.

2.  Did you enjoy your first kiss? Describe the moment if you didn’t.

Well I very vividly remember my first sloppy kiss in 7th grade at a basketball game. I didn’t like it, was wet and disgusting. Clearly if it’s still in my brain at 43 it’s never going away!

3.  What would you tell your 10 year old self about the world?

There are things happening to you right now that you have no control over, but one day things will be different. You are not the cause of the dramas in your life, and you never did anything wrong to bring this hurts into your life. One day God is going to bless you with a man  who loves you and adores you and will never leave you. Never give up sweet girl, your worth the fight that lives inside you.

4.  How old were you when you learned Santa and the Tooth Fairy weren’t real?

I honestly have no clue. It must have been something I learned from school, but I don’t remember it having any negative affect on me.  I think trying to survive my child hood was traumatic enough. 

5.  Did you ever try to summon Candy Man or Bloody Mary?

This one is hilarious and I love that you asked it. My sister and I tried many times to invite the candy man into our bathroom. Why the hell we would do that is beyond my adult mind. I’m guessing our childish mind thought it was exciting, and if I’m being honest writing about it has made me smile and reconnected me with some fun memories. We also tried to play light as a feather stiff as a board, but we NEVER touched the ouija board. 

6. What was the best part of your day today?

That ones easy it was waking up to this nomination. I am completely humbled and full of excitement to connect with my fellow bloggers in the world. 

I nominate the following bloggers for the sunshine award

Healing one heart at a time


Sparky Jen

My questions to you?

When is it hardest for you to write?

What’s you favorite child hood memory involving your family?

Name one thing that your absolutely terrified of

Which one of your best friends would help you move a dead body? It is Halloween you know!

How often are you in the present moment?

The Rules

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions asked.

Nominate other blogs and ask them a few questions.

Finally, list the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo somewhere in your post.

Thank you again for the nomination 💕 my heart is full 

Peace and Namaste Friends 

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