Confessions Of A Stuck Stylist

Truths With Tay Tay 
Did you know that I was the worst person ever to sign up for direct sales? 

Say what!?

Not me!

Not this chic!

 No way Jose!

I can’t even!

I don’t even sell hairspray to my clients! (Unless they ask)

Absolutely not for me! 

🙅 Rejected 

I was like nope, no and notta! Ain’t happening.

Did you know that I ignored 6 messages from my friend about trying her night cream, before I finally agreed to use it?

Did you know that after agreeing to try it I looked up the price and said oh hell no that’s too expensive? I would NEVER spend that money on my face. 
So she brings it to my house and I agree to use it and I proceeded to fall in love with it. So much that I didn’t want to give it my girlfriend I worked with because I wanted to keep using it. 

You see that was the deal, I use it and then pass it onto my friends. I considered keeping it all to myself, but that wasn’t really going to happen. So I passed it on, and in the mean time this other part of my brain started to wonder.
I wondered what if I could afford this and what if I wanted to sell it? She had talked briefly to me about the business. I set up a date to ask more questions. We hung out and then I gave myself a time limit to make a decision. 
I took 30 days to decide, which seems like a really long time now to make a decision. But I knew if I didn’t give myself a deadline I would forever be stuck wondering what if?! 
I could sit on the fence forever if I allowed my fears to control my brain. But some how I was able to push beyond the limits of my own mind, and do something that was way out of my comfort zone. 
I had already watched a few friends and family members succeeding online. I’m old but I’m not THAT old. I clearly knew that you tubers were famous and all of that. But I didn’t know that I could run a real business from home. 
My why has changed over the last 2 Years, as I’m sure it will change again. But I have to tell you that learning how to believe in yourself again is an amazing feeling. 
When you align with right people, and you follow the system things will work and you will grow. Your confidence will grow, your bank account will grow, and you will grow immensely.
Your life is a result of the choices you make, there comes a day when you choose yourself ⭐️
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