Want to know WHY I do yoga?

Some of you might think I do yoga to get strong and that’s partly true. But I also do yoga to make my mind strong.
“When you become centered in yourself, your words become spells and your tears become storms. The reason yogis regulate their language and their behavior is because we realize our power. We understand the effect we have on the world and make a conscious effort to ensure it’s a healing effect. We only use our speech to cast spells of love and unity. We use our bodies to carry our magic out into the world.” – Nancy Cooke Paramatma yoga teacher, trainer.

Sometimes my mind wants to control me, but when I take the time to quiet it, than I can begin to feel like myself again. After my yoga is over I say a prayer and it is well with my soul.  

For me life is about loving and learning and having fun. It’s about becoming the person you were meant to be. It’s About choosing to open your heart and take down the walls. 

It’s about always looking within to find the answers and it’s about growing. There comes a time when you can choose to hold onto your normal patterns and behaviors, or you can decide that it’s time to let go. 
God Will guide you and he will help you be strong. Yoga will quiet you and help you listen for the answers.
We are responsible for us💕

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