The key to Understanding Life

Happiness is truly an inside job. I’m not saying that things or people haven’t made me temporarily happy, because they have. 

But the key word is temporary meaning an instant fix, or a band aid. Something that makes us happy right now like a new puppy. (Until it grows up and starts eating everything and peeing every where) 

The puppy makes us feel love and excitement, but it always wears off. The new pair of shoes makes us feel good, until we decide that we don’t like them anymore and that we need a new pair. 

I think happiness has to come from within if it’s going to stick around. I think it’s probably something most everyone wants, but not something they realize is inside them.  It’s in there I’m telling you! 

Don’t get caught up with the whole idea of happy, more like learn when you can feel it in your heart and in your soul. It’s a sensation, a warmth  that takes over your entire  body. 

It’s something that you can share with others and it’s also something that you can lose and have to re find again.

But the good news is,that if you take the time to learn about yourself, while learning about God and doing his work, than happy will begin to follow you. 

You will find it while riding in the car with your son, just singing a song and smiling, Thinking how are you 25 years old? I stop in those moments and say  thank you for the life you’ve given me.

Thank you for this moment and for my family. I find my happy inside me heart, when I wake up my daughter in the morning for school. I snuggle in the bed beside her and hug her until she she stirs. I am thankful for these small precious moments to be still with them.

I am practicing presence in these moments.

I am learning stillness and peace.

I’m getting better every day at practicing gratitude💜 My family and I started gratitude journals a couple of weeks ago. We write on Sunday’s and we reflect on our blessings.

Some days you could write a book and other days your riding the struggle 🚌 Bus. Happy is a journey in life and it’s not a destination.
My journey is far from perfect, buts it’s perfect for me. 

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