Your energy is like a magnet✌️ you attract what you put out 

We are like magnets and we attract what we put out. If you are afraid, and you do things out of fear, then fear is what you will receive. If you are mad and angry, then anger and madness will return to you.

If you are hurt and in return try to hurt others, you will be attracting pain.

If your motivated by jealousy, then you will attract jealousy 

There’s a yin and a yang to life, there’s a constant flow 🌟

If you do things out of love, then love is what you will receive 

If you do things out of kindness, then the kindness will be returned to you.

If you live graciously and in wonder, then the gracious wonder will be returned to you.

There’s a 3rd eye in yoga, and it’s in between your normal eyes. They call this the inner eye, because it’s the one that looks inside yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Our actions always speak louder then our words⭐️ be a magnet of sunshine🌞

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