If I asked you to name all of things you love, how long would it take for you to answer yourself?

What qualities will you instill in your daughter?What will teach her about life that’s important?

How will she learn to navigate her way through this world? 
For my daughter and I our journey might be different than some. My end in mind would be to teach her how to honor herself. 
I want her to learn how to love herself because that’s who she going to be with her entire life.  
If I asked you right now to name all of the things that you love, how long would it take before you named yourself? 
If your being honest you might not ever mention yourself. Do you know why? 

Because you’ve been taught to worry about others more than yourself. 
For many years I would have never said myself either, but thank the good Lord above for opening my heart. I can now clearly say that loving myself is a very important part of my every day life, and I will teach my daughter the same thing.
Never do anything that doesn’t honor your authentic voice. Especially just because someone else thinks you should. 
Don’t cave to the peer pressure all around you.
I got to see my daughter stand up for herself last night. I got to see her honor herself and it made me smile on the inside. She said No thank you and politely declined. I was then asked if I would make her do what they wanted. I said no thank you I prefer to allow her to make her own choices.
No, I won’t make her do something that doesn’t make her feel good about herself. I will support her choices and continue to help her guide herself, and I also know that she will always remember the time she choose herself over what everyone else wanted. 
She will make it through these middle school years and be a better woman for it when she comes out on the other side.
Not bitter but better
I will continue to foster the inner compass as a guide for everything in her life. 
And if you have a daughter you really need to read the book Untangled, so you can understand what she’s truly going through at this age.

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