What’s a priority in your life?

What do you make a priority? 
What’s important that you do every single week that nothing can get in the way of? 
There’s certain habits that we need to continually be doing in order to bring change into our lives.
Change doesn’t just magically walk up and introduce itself. If it were that easy everyone would be on the change bus, instead of the struggle 🚌 bus!
Friends, change begins and ends with you. The answer to everything is always you. I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but after a while you’ll come around. 
You just have to retrain your brain, and be willing to look inside. I learned some very hard lessons when it comes to blame and to shame. 
I’ve had to overcome some crazy shit in my lifetime, but I know that without those things I wouldn’t be here writing to you today. Right in the middle of the mess lies the beauty. 
The dignity 

The grace 

The Self Love
Here are a list of the things that I make a priority every single week. 

My marriage 

My kids 

My family

My friends 

My job

My blogging

My team

My Nerium Business

My reading 

My exercise

My personal development 

My Networking 

My Meditation

My heart 
I watch 1 tv show and it’s This Is Us. I make it a priority because it’s something my husband and I do together and it feeds my soul. It feels weird talking to you about the fact that I don’t watch tv.
Which in turn means that I need to talk about it so I can stop feeling uncomfortable about it. 

We all have the same amount of hours in day…….. How will you spend yours?

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