Do you know who will give you everything you’ve always wanted????

Want to know why one of my all time favorite hashtags is #investinyourself
It’s because that’s who you have to live with Daily 💜

That’s the person your stuck with 24/7 


That’s the only person you can control 
You are your own problem and that means that you are also your solution friends✌️
If there are things in your life that you want to be different, than your going to have to accept that it’s up to you to do the work.
Wishing you had more money isn’t going to get you more 💰 money 
Wishing you lost weight won’t make you lose a pound 🤷‍♀️
Wishing you were a better parent doesn’t make you a better parent 🤥
It’s time to grow a back bone and quit using your wish bone. If you really want to incorporate change, than it’s time to take action Friends.
Nothing will change if you change nothing. Your going to be in this exact same spot next year and not a damn thing will change if you don’t take action TODAY💜
I’ll be the person to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 
What do you focus on?

All the things that could wrong? 

If that’s the case I’ll see you next year exactly where you are right now.
Do you have a plan? 

Do you have a circle of friends who force you to be better? 
If the people your hanging out with don’t push you to become better, than you need a new circle of friends. You are capable of amazing things, but your going to have to make some changes.
Your going to need some mentors and some people who can help you grow your mindset. Your going to have to get uncomfortable before you can learn to grow, and your going to have to do some things that scare you👩‍💻 
I created this page to help people help themselves. When you learn to #investinyourself you are learning a new perspective. 
You are learning to peel away the layers that you’ve put in place to keep you safe and complacent.
Your not a little kid anymore, even though at times you feel that child emerge. You are the creator of your life🙏
You don’t need anyone’s permission to grow and to never look back. You really need to practice the pause today and ask yourself who’s holding you back!?!?!?
What can you do to move forward? 


How will your life be completely different 30 days from now? 
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