Did someone say birthday party?

When your my age (43) you don’t get to go out very often. So when one of your friends gives you a reason to go out and celebrate her birthday you slap on your friend pants and get to having fun.

That’s my husband and I💜 

I hardly ever do my hair up all cute, but last night called for a special occasion. (Plus I need to remember what it’s like to get all prettied up and I need to remind my hubby that I still got it😜)

These are our friends, and our go to party buddies.  We always hang out on my front porch before we decide to go out and act like we’re 20 again. 

I can’t even tell you the amount of laughs and memories that we have we these 2 over the years! Lots of “private” jokes no one else would even  begin to understand. 

Gemaney Christmas for example 😂

Renee and I have worked together doing hairs for years. We thought ours looked fabulous last night, her more than me! Ha Ha 💜

We started the night at the the barn in West Liberty, and we ended the night at the barn in West Liberty. In our minds we were going to bar hop, but that didn’t happen. 

(I blame that on the age thing too)

We are easily amused at this age! I should tell you that this is a mixed age group, I think I’m the oldest, and it goes down from there by at least 10 years. 

The birthday girl is the one licking her husbands face. She said she wanted a birthday picture, so we took our happy asses outside. 

This was part of our excitement for the night! Ha Ha like I said we don’t get out much, and when we do, we tend to entertain ourselves.

Here’s the birthday girl! I’m pretty sure that barn will never be the same again! Mic 🎤 Drop! I’m so glad she decided to go out and celebrate!

Was that Little Sean or Big Sean? It was fun whoever  it was!

Life is meant to be lived! Today at church the pastor asked if we laugh less now in our lives than we used to? 

Yes I do laugh less except for last night, and I’m going to make sure that it happens a lot more often. I’m seriously going to schedule friends nights more often.

I think our husbands even had lots of laughs, love them. 

As a matter of fact, I laughed so much last night that my  my muscles in my face hurt hurt and so did my abs. 

This is what life’s all about! Yes we have to work and raise kids and be responsible, but we also need to remember to laugh more. 

Take time to play with your friends.  Hang out, dance the dance, and rap the rap. Do something that fills your heart and your your soul.

At first when we were at the bar,  it seemed like a library. It was way toooooo quiet, but all of that changed when the Music showed up! 

I’m ending with a blurry picture, but a beautiful picture💜

Spend time having fun with those you love

Until next time Friends 

Feed your soul 

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