People Will Throw Stones At You, Don’t Throw Them Back

I’ve been through a shit ton during the last week.  My brain has released so much adrenaline in my body that I’ve just now been able to calm myself down.

Last night I slept for the first time in a week, and it felt amazing. For a week there I was walking around in a trance, but today I feel my soul reviving.  I feel my heart opening again,and I don’t feel as though I’m frozen.

It’s true that when it rains it pours, but oh are we in for a treat after surviving the storms.  Life is amazing, and then it’s shitty,  and then it’s awesome again.  It’s hard to be all of the things I need to be when my body is in that state.

My daughter sees that I’m here, but I’m also absent. She remains strong and available for me. She gets to see how I make it through, even if I want to quit. She gets to learn that life isn’t fair and it never will be. 

My husband gets to be my rock, even if he’s not sure what to do. He brought me home a card and a new coffee cup, to show me that he was thinking of me.  

I received the most amazing message from a friend who encouraged me with her kind words. She showed up exactly when I needed her, and her kindness got me through. Her words made me weep but tears of joy.

You see being an inspiration is kind of hard when your losing your shit. So God gave these people the messages and they delivered them to me at the perfect time. They were brave enough to reach out and to share a bit of their own kindness. 

It’s hard to share the good all the time, when people only want to read the bad, but I wasn’t made to have it easy. I wasn’t made to fit it. I was made to live the life I’m living and I was given a voice so that I could use it.

Every single day I will continue to spread good new and kindness.

I will encourage those who need encouraged.

I will be the change that the world needs so desperately, and I won’t ever give up!

If you’ve ever told me how much I help you, I thank you because your the exact reason I keep going! 

I love you my friends 

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