Let That Shit Go

I used to hold on to stuff that didn’t serve me a positive purpose. I would get mad and stay angry, because that’s how I protected myself.
However, I’ve since learned that I was holding onto the hurt because it was what I had trained myself to do. 
In order to keep myself safe, I let the hurt parts of me take control. Therefore, always bringing even more pain into my life. We often perpetuate the exact same patterns, until we become conscious of them.
I know it sounds like a viscous cycle, but this is how our minds work. It’s a classic example of how our brains want to avoid pain. 
But you know what friends??????
You can learn to let that shit go💜

You can learn to heal the pain💜

You can learn how to love yourself again💜

You can learn to feel peace in your soul💜

You can learn to change your life💜
You only have this 1 life, so get started and become the person you were meant to be💜

Namaste ✌️

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