Go ahead and fall

You can’t learn any lessons unless your willing to fail.  Which truly isn’t even failure, it’s an opportunity to grow and to learn.  

Every single day when I wake up I try to start my day with some positive thoughts. It would be really easy to let my mind wander. To let it begin working and complaining about how stiff my body feels, or how little sleep I got last night.  But, instead I stop the negative thoughts. I just realize I’m thinking them and I let them go. 

I take a moment to say a little prayer, and to be thankful for my life and my family.  I also say that I’m thankful for my home and my health and a million other things. 

I’ve taken the time to rewire my subconscious and make it more on my side.  

I’ve learned about presence through yoga, meditation, blogging, direct sales, reading, making new friends and learning to heal my heart. 

Every single time I failed at one of those things, I’ve learned that I’m not really failing. The lesson is in the journey. And so often we’re not even aware that we’re learning until much later. 

I want to encourage you to do some amazing new things with your life before this year is over. I want you to learn to bypass your own defense mechanisms and learn how to dream again.

I want to inspire you to believe in yourself again and to surround yourself with those who will honor, love, and support your story. 

I want you to be the change the world needs. 



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