When you have to say bye to the pool

There’s nothing better than Snapchat, friendship and the pool in the summertime. Those are 3 things I won’t live without. Ha ha does it sound a little dramatic? I guess I could totally go without Snapchat, but I can’t go with out my friends or a pool!

Yesterday was the last day for the pool. I think God was smiling on us, because we didn’t have too many hairs to cut, so we were able to get out and enjoy it.  I told her it was going to be in the eighties next week and she immediately jumps to the conclusion that I want her to keep the pool open another week.

Just because about 10 days ago it turned 90 in Ohio on a Sunday and she re-opened it then.

She had to find some chemicals just so we could get in the thing, and it required some searching!

 Ha ha I laugh as I write this because I can hear her yelling “No Tavia, I’m not keeping the pool open another week.” 

What she should be doing is thanking me because she and I, both benefited from the entire event for another 2 weeks. She also got to swim with her kids one last time.

But seriously we all know it’s me who needs to thank her!

 Thanks for letting me invade your space all summer long.

 Thank you for allowing my family and I to make a shit ton of memories there. (Me probably just a couple more visits than them)

Thank you for the dranks, and the music, and the laughter.

 Oh the laughter, with a side of serious every now and then.

What’s a summer without a good laugh and a good cry?

Thank you for the volleyball, the dancing,(this includes your sons dancing as well and the elephant head), the rapping, and the over all positive contribution to my soul and my heart. 

I must admit, that I’m sad to say good bye to this summer, but I will always have these pictures to look back at, along with the love inside my heart.

Until next year my friend I guess we have to do Snapchat at work 

maybe like this

Love you Lishy Poo

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