Why I Watch This Is Us

I don’t watch TV, but I do watch 1 show and it was on last night. It’s called This Is Us, and my husband and I watch it together.  It’s exactly what we need after a busy a week full of priorities.

 That don’t include our relationship.  Some people might ask why I choose this show to bring into my home and into my heart, but it’s because it’s exactly what we need.

It is the most authentic portrayal of real life, real love, real parenting, and  real marriages. It’s full of amazingly developed characters that we can all relate too.  I see myself in the mother, and I also see parts of her that I strive to be more like. I see things in her that I need to learn from, and grow from. Her ability to pick love over judgment, even when she’s completely broken is humbling on so many levels. 

Then we have Beth and she’s yet an another amazing woman, who loves fiercely and never gives up. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind at any given time.  But she’s patient, and kind and she chooses her marriage every single time. I see myself in Bethakso, and I see the lessons that Beth is here to teach me.

I feel the exact same way about the kids in the show. Every single one of them has their own personal struggles. Their struggles are tied to their lives, they come from their past, and their childhoods. Good, or bad it’s all connected.  It shows them as children, and then it shows them today. I love how they flash back and forth because it helps me to look back and see where I still have my own personal struggles. I know when I feel afraid, and I want to shut down, it is a direct result of my own defense mechanisms.  

This Is Us  shows us truly what men are going through and how they feel about themselves. One of them strives for perfection in his job, and all areas of his life, and after he achieves it he’s still left feeling empty. But he realizes that he has a gift when he looks at his family, and he realizes that he’s been focusing on the wrong stuff. The other brother has his own struggles to deal with and insecurities to overcome. While the sister is overweight and is hurting and trying to learn to forgive herself for so many things that aren’t even her fault.

I have the ability to change anything that I truly focus on. If I want something bad enough, then nothing is ever going to stop me.  I think the world needs more People to watch This Is Us, because we need more feelings and less opinions. We need more love and less drama. We need to learn to embrace our emotional side, instead of considering it a weakness. It’s how you grow, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable time after time, and you have to choose to see the good instead of the bad.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable with yourself?

It’s worth it 💕

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