Hi I’m anger and I’m here to protect you, from ever growing into your better self

What do you focus on? 
What do you choose to see in people? 

What do you see in your spouse?

What do you see in your kids?

What do you see in your mother?

What do you see in your life?

What do you see in yourself?
These are serious questions that play a huge role in your daily life. Your thoughts determine your feelings and your feelings determine your thoughts. 
Want to know what I’m talking about? 
Let’s go with anger today, because it’s a very common emotion, and it comes on so fast you don’t even know what happened. As soon as I feel angry about something, it takes over my entire body, and this includes my mind. I can feel it in my chest and it often explodes right out of my mouth. I become the anger, even though I don’t have to be. 
After the anger has taken over my body, it proceeds to take over my mind. Every single thought I form is contemptuous and awful. The anger is making my mind think crazy shit. It’s lashing out and it’s going Into fight mode and I have zero control over my thoughts at

This point. Because I let the emotion of anger take me to a place that makes me feel like I need to be protected. 
My mind has learned that this is a go to emotion. It’s a safe place and it will inadvertently get me my way while at the same time making me feel safe and in control. 
Hi I’m anger and I’m here to protect you.

But I’m not really protecting you, you’ve just trained yourself to be this way. You learned somewhere along your life that anger makes things go away. You learned that anger shuts other people off and you don’t have to deal with the overwhelming emotions that your feeling. 
Anger is a learned behavior and it’s a choice. Don’t you ever think for one second that anyone makes you act or say anything EVER💜 You most certainly can’t help the way you feel, but you sure as hell have a choice about the way you share your feelings.
You can learn to practice the pause.

You can unlearn anger if your willing to look inside and ask yourself what purpose it serves you. 
Can you self reflect and learn why your the way you are? It’s the only way we can grow and change. 
We are responsible for us, and we have to decide what’s most important in our lives. We will always make time for what’s important, and we will always make excuses for what’s not important. 
Ask yourself how you see those you love and also decide if your willing to look within. 
I believe that we’re the problem and we’re the solution. 
The next time you think anger is the answer, stop and turn to your heart because, 

Love will always be the answer my friends

✌️💜 Have a Great Monday

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