Learning presence has changed me in a good way

Happy Sunday friends I took this picture at my friends house last year right around this time. 

It was the beginning of seeing life differently. I was learning Presence and I was living in the moment. The sky produces the most beautiful pictures sometimes.
However I used to be so busy thinking and living on auto pilot that didn’t even realize the beauty that was all around me ☀️
Since I’ve taken the time to learn more about myself, I’ve see many more beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The more I learn to be still the more I am able to revel in the beauty around me, the more beauty I begin to see.
When we can learn to appreciate the small things, it makes us able to appreciate the mundane. The more time you take to become conscious, the more beauty you will begin to see all around you. 
Your life is meant to be lived and appreciated. We are exactly like a flower that blooms and then dies every year. There are parts of our lives that need to be cycled through. 
If your mind has you thinking and going crazy, just take time to quiet it. Make it still and open your heart, because that’s where the love lives. That’s where the beauty lies, and that’s where the potential for real change lies.
God wants us to do things his way, not ours. And as you can see by the world around us most people are doing things their way. I challenge you this week to stay out of your own head, and get into your heart.
Start a gratitude journal or a thankful

List! Every other day take time to write down the things that you were thankful for. After a while your will be able to look back and see how amazing your life is. 
You can create a new loving menvironment inside yourself, but only if you really want too. Life is full of choices and I hope you choose ❤️ love

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