We repeat what we don’t repair

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? 

Do you realize that if you change nothing, than nothing will change. You can want for the rest of your life, but if you don’t take action your going to get no where. 

It’s not simply enough to want a better relationship with your kids. You have to take the steps to make the relationship better. You have to make it a priority and you have to decide how your going to change, so you can get the results that you want. 

Intentions are marvelous and all, but faith without works is dead.

Let’s say you want to work on your marriage. What plans do you have to invite things change into your home? How many hours a week are you going to spend on your marriage? What goals are in place to make sure that this happens? 

What if you wanted to learn how to be a better cook? Would you go to the library and check out some books with some fancy recipes? Would you get online and watch some you tube videos of famous chefs?

 Or do you think that by miracously wishing to be a better cook, an elegant cuisine will appear in your kitchen? 

I’m pretty sure we both know that’s not the case. Simply wanting things is not going to change anything. You have to become invested in your plans and your dreams. You have to decide daily to take immediate actions toward your life goals. 

Your have to be willing to look inside yourself and ask what exactly  it is that’s holding you back.

If you want to repair anything it’s going to take time and a lot of effort. It’s going to require patience, and change and forward progress. It’s going to require discipline, and it’s probably not going to be easy.

What’s easy is staying same💜

What’s easy is changing nothing💜

What’s easy is sleepwalking through your life💜

What’s easy is auto pilot💜

What’s easy is blame💜

You have the ability to be anything and to do anything that you can dream, but you must take action and plan accordingly! 

Be intentional with your time, or it will all slip away before you realize what happened.

You have to lose who you were to find out who you are 

When I started to look inside myself, things began to change. When I began to plan more of days and my weeks, things truly started to change with my life. You have to decide what’s important and what’s not.

We can’t be good at everything, but we can be amazing at the things we’re invested in! I hope that after reading this today you ask yourself what it is that you want to repair, so you don’t waste time standing still.

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