Why you need to love your girls

Good morning friends 💕Here’s a picture of my beautiful grand baby and I yesterday.

She makes my heart happy and my soul full of love. Today I’m going to inspire you to love the girls in your life. They could be related, or friends just so long as they are girls. 
Being a girl is amazing and hard all at the same time, and middle school brings with it lots of dramas. I mean just getting your hormones is crazy enough, before you add a whole day of being stuck with a bunch of other pubescent teens. 
As we all know, girls are where the love comes from. No, I’m not saying boys don’t love, but our hearts and minds are shaped differently. We were given all of these emotions and feelings because we are the fixers of the world. Moms are the ones who hold their families together. They are the ones who can seek different ways of loving to fix things.  
My grand baby already mothers her baby dolls, while my nephew loves cars, and they are both only 2 years old. They are already acting out their roles as boys and girls, and this only proves how different we truly are.
Your girls are going to need you to love them unconditionally during their teenage years. She’s going to demand independence one minute, and the next minute she’s going to to tell you she doesn’t know how to use the oven. She’s going to push you away, and then just when your about to lose your shit, she’s going to come running back into your arms. 
I know it’s probably really hard sometimes to understand what’s going on, but what if I told you that’s ok? Your daughter doesn’t even understand half of what’s going on with her. One minute she wants to be a kid, and the next minute she wants to go to the movies with her friends. There’s this constant battle going on inside her, and it’s very confusing.  
I encourage you to try to be aware of what she’s going though. You can’t even begin to understand how hard a day in the 7th grade is. Not only do I have a 7th grader, but my husband also teaches 7th grade, so I’ve got a little insight on this whole Middle School thing.  
She doesn’t just come out and share her feelings with me. I often times have to pry them out of her, and it’s only after I notice that she’s beginning to withdrawal again that I can actually practice presence.  
Take the time to stop and listen, and learn what’s going on with them.  
They need your love more than they need your advice. 
They need your understanding more than they need your lecture. 
They need their home to be a safe place because the world is not.
Teach your girls how to talk about their feelings, because they aren’t going away until they acknowledge that they are there. 
Teach your girls that kindness matters, and so do boundaries.
Teach them that no one can treat you, badly unless you let them.
We need to teach our girls to be nice, but to take no shit! 

The world doesn’t need more drama and insecure women, it needs more positive leaders and kind role models.
Hurt people hurt people, does the hurt stop with you?

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