One day, One day, One day

One day your going to wake up and want to do something different, but what if your time is running out? 
What if you keep waiting your entire life for everything to be exactly right before you do something new? 
What if your time is almost up and you’ve spent most of it waiting for something to be different, or perfect? 
I don’t know how much time I have left in this world. I just know that it was time for me to do something more, and to be something more. I was stuck for so long that I can’t go back there, ever.
I can’t go back to autopilot after I’ve awakened the voices within. I know that I’m here to help you all learn some very valuable life lessons, and they all begin and end with you.
You have the ability to dream a new dream, and to live a new life. However your going to have to be brave and learn how to bypass your own safety mechanism. We are always our problem and we are also our solution.  
Whatever you can dream, you can be! 
But not just by dreaming it, you have to make your dreams a reality. You have to take action and make your life yours. Life is not simply happening to you, it’s responding to you. It’s giving you the lessons you need to learn over and over and over again.
 There are no coincidences Friends, I don’t believe in those. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s all connected.  
Stop living in fear of what you can’t do or what you can’t be. 
Dream a new dream💜

And remember to 


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