How To Challenge Yourself

When I first started out on my online journey I sure never thought I would change the world.  
Fast forward a year and a half, and I’m helping people change on a daily basis, myself included. I didn’t know that one things would lead to another, and I would be writing a blog. I didn’t know that I would have a page that inspires people, and I surely didn’t know how many new, amazing people I would meet.
I just decided it was time for some change and even though it was scary as hell, I persevered. I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if I said no to these adventures. I can’t even fathom anything being different over the last couple of years. 
Our choices get us where we are. We can choose to have the same lives we’ve always had, simply walking around on auto pilot, or we can decided to bring something new into our lives. We can begin to create a new path for ourselves. We have the abilities to change our stories if we’re willing to do the work. 
We can invite new things into our lives, if we are brave enough to get past our own fears. 
If your feeling stuck, than you need a new adventure!

You need to learn how to focus on yourself and one new dream. You need to be courageous and braver than you’ve ever been before. You need to surround yourself with a new group of people, who will support your dreams, and encourage you to better today than you were yesterday.
We all have the same doubts about ourselves and our abilities. The difference is that some of us believe those doubts, and some of us challenge the doubts. 
I’m a challenger! 

What are you?

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