Never trust your fears they don’t know your strength

Do you know how many times it says don’t be afraid in the Bible? 
A lot that’s how many, but we still live most of our lives in fear ✌️
Do you know why? 
It’s because our brains are made to avoid pain at all cost, so we make up much of our drama in the back of our own minds.
We need to learn to let go of our own thoughts and our own selfish ways, and we need to learn how to open our hearts more. We need to learn how to do things differently, and less selfishly.
We are the creator of our own lives whether they be happy, or chaotic. There are times when we must learn to surrender to ourselves. We must learn new ways to create harmonious and happy relationships in our lives. 
We must become intentional with our time and spend it doing what’s most important to us. Life is passing us by daily, and sometimes we’re so wrapped up in the usual that we forget to make time for the beautiful.
Ask yourself what your most afraid of losing. 

Ask yourself what or who you couldn’t live without.
And after you get your answer, you will know exactly where you need to be spending more time. Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised, so make your life a priority today. 
Don’t worry about the future or the past, just live for this very moment and enjoy it and you will find the gift of #presence

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