Never grow a wishbone where your backbone should be ✌️

Have you ever fallen into the the trap of wishing? 
I wish I had more money

I wish I weighed less

I wish I was prettier

I wish my house was nicer

I wish I had a new car

I wish I could quit my job

I wish I could go to work 

I wish I was I wish was I wish I was
And before long you find yourself stuck in the wish zone. You dream about these things, and you want them, but your never take any action to bring change into your life. 
I was a wisher too. 

I wanted things in my life to be different, but I didn’t know how to make the changes. I wasn’t sure how to turn my wish bone into a back bone. 
I logically knew that I was responsible for bringing the change in my life, but how? Simply wishing wasn’t getting me any where.

Watching other people and their stories most definitely gave me some insight to what I needed to be doing.
I want you all to know that the path to change, is the road less traveled. It’s so much easier for us to just complain and wish that things were different. We are creatures of habit and we have to become aware of our parts in our own lives.

What roles are we playing out, that don’t fit us anymore. 
What underlying systems do we have inside us that prevent us from becoming more? 
The answer is you! 

You are your problem &

You are your solution ✌️
Nothing can ever change until you decide to change the way you think. You must truly believe in yourself and your abilities to have a better life. The law of attraction says you will attract what you put out.
Your words are soooooooo powerful that if you say I’ll never have a better life, then you will never have a better life. If you say I can’t lose weight, then guess what your not going to lose weight.
This is why you must take responsibility for yourself and your life. Nothing will ever change if you change nothing 💜
But what if you decided to find a new friend, and new adventure. 

What if you just went for it? 
What if you just stopped wishing and starting doing? 

What if you decided today that you were going to accomplish a new dream, or a new goal?
When you take control of your thoughts and your life, it begins to change in ways that you could never imagine. 
You couldn’t imagine it because you didn’t believe in yourself. 

No one in this entire world just woke up one day with a positive set of life skills.
Some people might not ever awaken from their slumber, while others are mopping up what I’m spilling right now.  
You are the answer to all of your problems and to all of your joys! 

You are beautifully you, and how much more could you be if only you stopped wishing?

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